KX Laser - home care, based on current medical knowledge development

This unique way of therapy by means of safe laser irradiation of blood KX laser helps to remedy up to 130 diseases connected with bad blood condition.
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Standard type KX laser with massages and one emitter A new type of KXlaser, Small version, without massages, double emitter A new type of KXlaser, great design, with massage double emitter

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Welcome to the website which should catch your attention mainly because it offers a method to recover if you are ill, or to improve the quality of your life if you want to care for your health now and in the future.

If you get KX Laser device, you will perceive its influence on the improvement of your health problems, and your physical and mental condition – and not only yours but also your nearest ones', who can use the device as well.
KX Laser device will always be at hand and it will take care of your health.

Healthy blood is the basis of our health KX Laser brings a combination of two treatment methods in one device:

  • A/ A new way of intranasal irradiation of blood
  • B/ A low-frequency pulsation massage (out of GX – 2010A1)

Both these functions can be used simultaneously or separately and they have the same purpose: to improve the bad condition of blood and its circulation. Healthy blood is the basis of our health and its bad condition is the cause of many diseases.

KX Laser removes undesirable blood components and optimises the blood condition due to the new way of intranasal blood irradiation. It leads to elimination of all medical problems caused by bad condition of blood and its components.

The causes of problems are removed without the necessity of medicamentous treatment, which can be subsequently reduced. The advantage of this kind of treatment is that it can be performed at home, at work, but also in medical and treatment facilities, that is practically anywhere.

Biolaser safety

Laser irradiation of blood and its positive impacts on blood characteristics have been known for a longer time, but its use was limited by the necessity of hospitalization, as it was dosed intravenously.

For this reason, the method of blood irradiation has been long-term tested and handled in many specialized medical reports and studies. Also the wide range of effects on several diseases and on treating post-traumatic and ischeamic states.

Possible scepticism arising from an insufficient knowledge of biolaser effects is not in order, because the device belongs to the category IIa (the classification of medical device risk) and the level of irradiation guarantees complete safety of this medical device.

Laser irradiation of blood causes:

  • blood enzymes activation - metabolism activation
  • fats, glucose and LDL cholesterol level lowering
  • blood viscosity reduction and subsequent blood circulation improvement
  • removal of unfavourable coverings of red blood cells, the blood cells regain its negative charge and they separate from one another, become easily deformable a thus regain their ability to penetrate into the narrowest vessels (blood supply is improved)
  • improvement of blood cells' ability to carry oxygen and remove CO2 from blood and tissues
  • breathing improvement - gradual blood pressure normalization
  • elimination of deposits on vessel walls
  • thrombi and minibombs solution
  • improvement of utilization of vitamins and minerals, of blood oxygenation, and of removal of metabolism waste product
  • improvement of glucose burning
  • normalization of immunity
  • improvement of memory and elimination of sclerosis symptoms
  • improvement of brain activity, which influences many related diagnoses

Low-frequency pulsation causes:

(Out of GX – 2010A1)

  • muscle tissue nerves stimulation
  • blood circulation improvement
  • purification of meridians (according to the Chinese medicine)
  • chronic and acute pain relief
  • acupuncture points stimulation (according to the Chinese medicine)
  • relief in affected areas

It is possible that the wide range of effects of KX Laser arouses suspicion about its performance. It is caused by the fact that blood influences the whole organism from individual cells and tissues to all organs functions. Because KX Laser improves the bad blood condition and therefore positively influences all problems, diseases and illnesses that are anyhow connected to the bad blood condition.

That is why KX Laser is able to solve several medical problems at once.
If your aim is for example to lower your high blood pressure, your high level of blood sugar and LDL cholesterol will also lower, your memory may improve, or your varicose veins, migraine, allergy, or asthma may disappear. The main therapeutic effects are stated in the section Use.

KX Laser is not aimed on a certain organ. The fact that it cures the blood means that its effects are overall. It's important to realize that the results are durable because the causation of the disease is removed unlike the results of the medicamentous treatment which removes only the impacts of the medical problem.

KX laser offers modern, effective and medically approved solution to the health condition of not only the ill ones, but also of those who hold responsibility to their own health in terms of prevention.

Everyone can decide whether they confide their health only to doctors and medicaments or use KX Laser at the same time. Due to its positive results, KX Laser will persuade the doctors that chemical medicaments are redundant and its dosage will be lowered or they will be completely excluded.

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